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The link below is for use only by authorized staff who are requesting network, email and/or Banner accounts for new employees or employees with new responsibilities.

You will be required to authenticate to the Genesee domain to access the form.

In the username field, enter your network username as: mheider (okay, put in your username and not mine!) then enter your network password.

If you have problems with these forms, contact the Help Desk.

Click on this link

The basic form gives the new employee:
----Blackboard access happens when a faculty is assigned to a class in Banner; no other requests are needed
----Banner Self Service access comes with the Genesis account
--"P" drive
--membership in "all email users" distribution list
--faculty are assigned to "full time faculty" or "adjunct faculty" distribution list

What else to ask for:
--Banner INB access
--departmental distribution list membership
--access to shared departmental drives
--access to departmental public folders
--access to web forms that are part of the position's responsibility

Access not requested with the initial Network Account Request can be requested at any time by sending an email to

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