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Also known as "My Courses" or "WebCT"

Blackboard is the college's course management system used by many faculty to make course materials available. While completely online courses are taught using Blackboard, faculty who teach face-to-face courses may use Blackboard to make course materials available, extend discussions, conduct testing and/or provide an alternative means of communication.
The date during a semester at which the student is considered a member of a course for reporting purposes.
GENesee's Electronic Services and Information System

A portal that provides access to Banner Self Service, Banner INB and Blackboard (aka My Courses).

Genesis also serves as an "intranet" for the college in that information of interest only to the college community is available inside the portal.
A Hybrid class is one where 'seat time' is replaced with outside of class work.

What this really means is that instead of a class meeting twice a week for 75 minutes each time, the class may meet only one time a week and the student is given online coursework to complete to replace the other class meeting. Or a class that would meet three times a week for 60 minutes, may meet one time per week and the other two hours are again replaced by online course assignments. Whatever the arrangements are, there are regular class meetings that are less than the 'standard' 3 hours per week and the rest of the course time is replaced by work a student needs to complete outside of class.

Hybrid classes can be more work than a 'regular' class since students are responsible for more independent work than they might be in a 'regular' class.
Information for All Students

A document that contains links to administrative areas, policies and information that a student may need.
My Courses
Also known as "Blackboard" or "WebCT".

See the entry for "Blackboard"
Acronym - Your Mileage May Vary

That is, you may get different results than others.