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There's a couple of pretty straightforward steps you need to take to get your Genesee email on your mobile device.

The first is to get your mobile password. That password is different from and independent of your NetID password.

Log into Genesis and don't log into mail yet, click on the link for "mobile connection info"

You will then get a message that an email has been sent to your account.

Now go into your mail and open the message from "helpdesk" with the information you need.

Click on the link for the Google FAQ and follow the instructions there. At the first step, you can select IMAP and from there, choose your device type.

If you need your mobile password reset, using your Genesee email, send a request to and we can reset that mobile password for you.

ETA: If you are setting up full-blown Outlook on a home computer, you're going to use this mobile password there, also!

NOTE FROM AN ANDROID USER: Android users have to add google acct for gmail enter their .edu name then the password is the one set forth in the email from the help desk.  

Google isn't very clear when referring to the "email" app. I think on most android devices we have two apps one being like outlook (which is the one they are describing steps for hence why people are having a hard time setting this up) and gmail. As you can see a very simple process that they made complicated. My suggestion would be for anyone who has gmail in their phones to just use that and just set it up to automatically sync to phone when new messages are received. 

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