Setting Permissions on Public Folders

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How to set permissions for public folders.

Find the public folder that you own. If you are not the owner, or have owner permissions, you cannot set permissions. If you need to become the owner of a public folder, submit a help desk request to have the ownership changed. If the existing owner is still employed by the college, he/she must give that permission. If the owner is no longer employed by the college, the owner's supervisor must give permission.

If you create a new public folder, right click on the folder. You will get this window.

Click on the word Properties to get another window.

Click on the Permissions tab at the top.

Because both the 'default' and 'anonymous' users are there, anyone who has access to public folders (faculty and staff) have access to to folder.

If I click on my own name, you can see a higher level of permissions.

To have a secure public folder, you need to do the following:

--remove the 'default' and 'anonymous' users
--add only the members you want to view the contents of your folder
--remember to remove employees who have left the college; if the employee's email is still available to them, they can still access your public folder

If you need assistance with permissions, adding/removing users or determining who should or should not have access to your folder, send an email to

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