Reading Exchange Mail using IE 11

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Outlook mail is ugly if you use IE 11 to try to read your mail. It looks like the mail on Firefox or Chrome... but you want to read your mail on IE so you have access to Public Folders.

It's a known 'feature' of IE 11, but there is a work-around.

To do this, press F10 to display the menu bar, go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer 11, and then click Compatibility View settings. Then, add the email site ( will suffice!) to the list of sites to be viewed in compatibility view.

IMPORTANT: also uncheck the option for "Use Outlook Web Access Light"

Note When you use this workaround, Internet Explorer 11 saves your Compatibility View settings for the website. Every time that you access that site, Compatibility View will be used. To stop Compatibility View for a website, click the Compatibility View icon for that website. You can also add or remove specific websites from Compatibility View without accessing each website

Log out of your mail and back in and you'll be all set!

Reference for this found here:

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