Purchasing Technology at GCC

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Genesee Community College faculty and staff need to consult with the college's Computer Services department before purchasing any technology that will be owned by the college, including but not limited to computers, printers, college phones, mobile devices, software, etc.

Working with the Computer Services department on technology purchases allows us to offer guidance on the technologies we support, our recommendations, and creates an opportunity to work around potential issues ahead of time (ie, compatibility problems).

Computer Services department is responsible for completing purchases with your approved budget transfer, or if a grant purchase using approved grant budget numbers, maintaining inventory control, and other college record keeping requirements. The members of the  Computer Services Department supports the technology you are purchasing, and we will also coordinate delivery and setup.

To start the inquiry of your technology purchases send an email to the helpdesk@genesee.edu. Include in your email the following information:

Inquiry topic – new/replacement

Location of new devices/software (campus/office/labs/etc.)

Funding accounts and approvals, if available or contact information for us to proceed

Timeline requirements, if any

You will be contacted by Computer Services to start the inquiry of your purchased and if supported given a quote for your approval prior to proceeding with the purchase.

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