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Printing from Blackboard Learning Modules isn't hard but you will get a better print-out if you follow these steps.

If you are in a computer lab, do not leave the lab before your print job is complete. Your printout will be placed in recycling and you won't know to look for it there and then you will print it again. If the printing is slow or not working, ask a lab assistant for help.

In Blackboard, open the first page of the module and look for the printer icon. If you have a list of documents, open the first document to be able to see the printer.

Click the 'tick box' next to "Selected Items" to select all of the documents in the Learning Module. Be aware that if one of the documents is a Word or PPT document, even if it is selected, it will not print from this option.

Use the PRINT button.

In a campus computer lab or the library, select the CutePDFWriter.

Save the file to your Desktop (so you can find it again) or to your flash drive (so you can take it home with you).

Now, print the PDF file.

There you go!

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