The Student Account Process

There are 3 separate accounts that students use at Genesee: Genesis, Email and Network (which includes the Library). Let's take them one at a time.

Your Genesis Account

The Genesis account is created when your tuition deposit is waived when you're accepted at Genesee through the Admissions Office. This triggers the creation of the Genesis account.

The username is created by the college's information management system, Banner, using an automated process. The process uses the initial from your firstname and up to the first seven letters of your last name. So, "Jennifer Sheppard" would become something like "jsheppar". The reality is that there are a number of Genesee people who have similar names and the process automatically adds a number to the username to make it unique. Therefore, "John Sheppard" would get a username like "jsheppa01" that would be his unique username.

This username is used for any place you need to log into Genesee resources. It will be your Genesis username, your network login and your email username.

Your initial Genesis password is a six character random letter/number sequence, for example: DH2J82. Passwords are case sensitive. The first time you log into Genesis you will be required to change your password.

New students are given their Genesis username and password at a New Student Registration session, directly from the Advisement Office or when meeting with an academic advisor.

Your Network Account

Your network account is automatically created after you register for classes -- this is generally done every few days, and closer to the beginning of a semester the account process is run daily. The username will be the same as your Genesis username and the initial password will also be the same. You will be sent a letter to your permanent mailing address with the information on your username and password, so make sure that we have an accurate address for you in our system.

You will use your username and password to be able to log into Genesee campus computers as well as to access Library resources remotely.

Network accounts are active for the semester(s) in which you are registered. You need to be a currently registered student to use campus and library computing resources.

Network accounts will be deleted in early August each year (the next deletion will be August 10, 2014); there will be an announcement of the dates sent to your Genesee email account.


Genesee Email

Your Genesee email address will be and you can get to that by logging into Genesis.

If you want to access your email on a mobile device, click the "Get mobile connection info" button under the email button. That will send you the information you need to access your mail on your phone or tablet.

The college expects you to check your email regularly and to use your Genesee email to communicate with your instructors as well as with campus offices.

Email accounts are never deleted. If you are not a currently enrolled student, your email will still exist.

New Fall Students

What generally happens for incoming Fall students (new and transfer students) is that the Genesis account is created as part of the Admissions process. We then create Genesee email accounts starting in early May (after you've registered for Fall classes) so that you have that account and we can send you email. The network account is generally last, created after August 10. After August 10, the email account and the network account are created at the same time.

Re-admitted students may already have Genesis and email accounts. If you've attended Genesee since Fall 2009, then you probably already have a Genesis and Genesee email account. You can contact the Help Desk (1-866-614-5004) to get the passwords reset on those since they have probably expired from non-use. But you won't get a network account until August, just like everyone else.

Single Password

Once you have your account, and after the network account reset date, you're encouraged to log into Genesis and use the blue "Reset Your Password" button. That completes the account setup process so that you have the same username and password for Genesis and logging into a campus computer.

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