In general, passwords expire automatically every 180 days from the last change.

If you know your password and it needs to be reset, you do that inside Genesis. Log into Genesis and use the blue "Reset Your Password" button to reset the password for your NetID. (This does not reset Banner INB passwords!)

If you are not able to come to a campus, you can contact the Help Desk (585-343-0055 x6227 -- Press 1 and wait through the message for someone to pick up). For security purposes, we cannot reset passwords based on an email request, you need to come to campus or call the help desk.

Creating Good Passwords

We all do it. Yes, you too, hiding in the back. You use passwords that are easy to remember and simple to type. Those of you who think you have a good password, well, very few of you do.

Kapersky has a fun password strength utility that you should try. It will tell you how strong your password is (that is, how hard it is to guess) and gives some good advice on setting up good passwords that I'm not going to try to re-create. Check it out!

Here also is a list of Do's and Don't to Keep Your Passwords Safe.

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