Microsoft Office for Home Use

Genesee students and employees are eligible to get Microsoft Office for their home use.

This is only available online and you need to use your Genesee email as part of the process.

FACULTY AND STAFF: Stop! Send an email to the help desk ( for information you need in order to proceed properly.

STUDENTS: Continue below...

Go to:

You will come to a page something like this (it will change, but do not click on the "Student" or "Teachers" links!)

Put your Genesee email address in the box and click "Get Started"  -- that will send an email to your Genesee email and you need to carefully follow the directions from there.

You should end up with a new account on that uses your Genesee email as your username and whatever password you have selected. As a reminder, this password is NOT connected to our existing Genesee passwords.

The page you land on will look something like this. You can use the Office components online and save your documents in the cloud storage.

If you want to install any components on your personal computer, select the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  -- or click the link that says "Install Office 2016"  [it may change!]

Once there, click on Install in the menu and follow the directions from there.

You have a limited number of installs for your personal use -- you manage where you install the software from the "My Account" menu.

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