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This information is also sent to your Genesee email inbox every semester you are registered for. Most of what is here is administrivia but it's useful to keep this information handy for when you need it.

*note*: All official GCC electronic correspondence must be via GCC email

Links to important information:

GenESIS - (also My Courses log in).

Important Dates:

GCC General Information:

Bookstore -

Other Links:

Genesee Email - Student email is on Gmail and is accessed inside Genesis. Look for the yellow "Access My Email" button.
All students are required to use their Genesee Community College email accounts for official electronic communication with the college.

Academic Advisement -

Campus Safety -

Center for Academic Progress -

Certificate of Residency -

Class Cancellation / Delay -

Computer Labs -

Course Withdrawal - Faculty do not withdraw students for non-attendance. It is the student's responsibility to officially withdraw, in GenESIS (or in the Records Office or through a campus center staff person), from a course prior to the withdrawal deadlines (see Important Dates above).

Department Contacts -

Faculty -

Grading Practices -

Health Center -

Help Desk -

Library -

Phone Number (Batavia Campus) - 585 343 0055

Rights and Responsibilities -
Plagiarism Policy, Student Code of Conduct, Nondiscrimination Policies and more information.

Student Code of Conduct - -- Linked on the Rights and Responsibilities page

Testing Center -

Tuition Refund -

Technical Problems -


Cheating and Plagiarism: Cheating is obtaining or intentionally giving unauthorized information to create an unfair advantage in an examination, assignment, or classroom situation. Plagiarism is the act of presenting and claiming words, ideas, data, programming code or creations of others as one’s own. Plagiarism may be intentional – as in a false claim of authorship – or unintentional – as in a failure to document information sources using MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association) or other style sheets or manuals adopted by instructors at the College. Presenting ideas in the exact or near exact wording as found in source material constitutes plagiarism, as does patching together paraphrased statements without in-text citation. Disciplinary action may include a failing grade on an assignment or test, a failing grade for the course, suspension or expulsion from the college, as described in the Code of Conduct.
Updated 12/28/11

Voice Mail
: All Genesee Community College telephone numbers use voicemail. Follow recorded directions to leave a message. To leave a message at a 7000 extension, enter 6000 (Express Messaging). At the prompt, enter mailbox number (7XXX), followed by # sign. Record your message then hang up. The main GCC telephone number is (585) 343-0055.

Classroom Behavior / Civility: Being a Genesee student requires appropriate adult behavior and respect for others. Instructors can set classroom rules of conduct, require adherence to standards of civility appropriate to learning, and have the right to remove anyone for disruption or obstruction of those standards, or for violation of any law or College policy, in a traditional classroom or online. The Student Code of Conduct is at

Cell Phones: Receiving or sending cell phone calls or text messages in classrooms, computer labs, testing center, or library is inappropriate and impolite. Please turn phones to silent, except in emergency cases and with the instructor’s permission.

Smoking: All Genesee Community College buildings are designated smoke-free.

Mission Statement: Dedicated to meeting the changing needs of individuals and the community, Genesee Community College, a public, open-admission, student-centered college, commits to providing educational experiences which promote intellectual and social growth, workforce and economic development, and global citizenship. (Also found here: )

GCC Accommodations Statement:
If you have a physical, psychological, medical, or learning disability that may impact your coursework or participation in an online course, please contact the Center for Academic Progress, D 208, 343-0055,extension 6351. The Assessment team will determine with you what accommodations are necessary, appropriate and reasonable.  All information and documentation is confidential.

Updated: December 5, 2016
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