Email Rules to Manage Spam

The college has Spam filtering software set up to weed out the worst of some of the junk that is out there.

But, it's not perfect and, if we filtered everything, you'd never get any mail. Also, as new waves of spam messages are developed, it takes a bit for the software to 'learn' what really is spam or not.

Email messages that are in the "gray" area -- that may or may not be spam -- the software tags the message with [SPAM?] in the subject line.

You can then set up rules in your email to further filter those messages and get them out of your inbox.

If you are on a campus computer and using Outlook software, you can follow these directions. (pfd file)

If you are anywhere and use a web browser to access your Genesee email, you can use these directions. (pdf file)

And, really, you don't need to just be managing spam. The directions for setting up rules can be used to manage your mail in any situation. Anything you can identify in an email message (who it comes from, words in the subject line, etc) can be used to manage your email.
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