Chromebooks, Tablets and Genesee

Many students have experience with Chromebooks while in high school, or have looked at a Chromebook as an inexpensive way to have a personal computing device you can bring to class.

Tablets can be cool and small enough to put into a purse or a notebook.

Chromebooks can be very inexpensive (i.e. less than $100) and are usually smaller than most PCs, while still having a keyboard that a tablet might not. Most tablets (and I'm including the ubiquitous iPad in that category) will cost more than a Chromebook and even more than an inexpensive laptop.

Both devices will let you check your email, log into Genesis and check information on the internet. There are, however, some Genesee-specific limitations you should be aware of.

Microsoft Office

Genesee has standardized on Microsoft Office, and your instructors will be expecting documents in Microsoft Word format (or, sometimes, *.rtf or *.pdf). You do not need Word on your device to be able to create the file format you need, but you do need to know how to create that file format. That is, you are expected to know how to export your document to a file from wherever you created it, save it in Word format and be able to submit it to your instructor.

Instructors will not accept Google Docs links for document submissions.

Many courses will require you to use APA / MLA / Chicago formatting for your document. Instructions in how to do that in Word are readily available but you are more-or-less on your own in other word processing software.

CIS 102, CIS 116 and CIS 120, as well as all OFT courses explicitly require you to use Microsoft Office software as part of those courses. If your device has an Office emulator or app, you will need to consult with your instructor to determine if your device is appropriate for the course. Currently (Fall 2016), those devices are not sufficient to meet the requirements of those courses.

Publisher Software

Many courses use online software provided by the textbook publisher. As part of the course, you will be required to complete assignments or other work on that web site.

Whether those web sites will work on your Chromebook or tablet will vary from site to site. You will need to consult with your instructor to determine whether your device will meet the requirements of the course.

Mat 129 - Statistics

As part of the Statistics course, students are required to use Minitab software to perform statistical calculations.

At this point, the Minitab software does not install on a Chromebook or a tablet.

Campus Computers

All campus computers (Batavia, Library and campus centers) do have the any course-required software installed.

As an option, you can use your personal device for most of your course work and only use campus computers when your device does not have the needed capabilities.

Use in Class

Use of any electronic device in a classroom is at the discretion of the instructor. If you plan to use your device in your classes, it is useful (and polite) to ask the instructor's policy about doing so.
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