Policy - Statement on Privacy and Confidentiality

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  1. Network and system managers will treat the contents of electronic files as private and confidential. Any deliberate inspection of electronic files, and action based on such inspection, will be governed by all applicable U.S. and New York laws and by College policies.

  2. Electronic mail at Genesee is as private as possible. Attempts to read another person's electronic mail or other protected files will be treated with the utmost seriousness. The system managers will not read mail or non-world-readable files unless absolutely necessary in the course of their duties, and will treat the contents of those files as private information at all times.

  3. All users should be on notice that the system managers do periodic security checks of Genesee systems including, but not limited to, password and file checks.

  4. The system may have utilities or operating procedures which disclose student information; users can control this information in a manner consistent with other sources of directory information. The College will provide students with the information necessary to exercise their FERPA rights and suppress directory information.

  5. As a part of system maintenance, Computer Services may run programs that examine user files and transmission of data. This will not be construed as a deliberate inspection of user files or data.

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