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You are welcome to bring your own portable computing equipment, such as a wireless laptop, to campus and you will be using your own personal equipment when working from home (or a place of employment) to access Genesee resources.

The college Help Desk will provide limited, hands-off, support to your personal devices (laptops, PDAs, cell phones). We will walk you through known issues in accessing Genesee electronic resources but do not guarantee that we can assist you with any issues you may have.

When you have problems that we cannot help you with, we recommend you seek professional assistance (a local computer reseller or a professional repair facility) for extended support and/or repairs.

Using your personal laptop in class is at the discretion of the instructor. We recommend that you ask your instructor about using a laptop in class and do not simply assume that you can do so. Most instructors will have no problem with this, although they may have some restrictions (not during a test, as an example). Some instructors will not allow you to use your computer and their decision is final.

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