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Genesee participates in the NY Alert emergency notification system. This system can provide telephone, email and text messages in the event of an emergency where a large number of people need to be notified in a short period of time.

Faculty, staff and students need to sign up for NY Alert, which is found inside Genesis. Log into Genesis and select "Banner Self Service". Once there, go to "Personal Information: and the "Emergency Alert Contact Information" link.

Complete the form you find there, entering email address(es), telephone number(s) and text number(s) as you think appropriate. Text messages are sent only in case of extreme emergency; please be sure to include a telephone and/or an email contact in your information. There is no one pre-determined set of contacts, you should determine which point(s) of contact are best for you.

The information you enter in the forms for NY Alert can be updated as needed but will take about 48 hours to go in effect.

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