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This is a really high level point of reference for mobile devices and electronic resources at Genesee.

One of the basic tenets is: no guarantees.

Android and Exchange Mail - as of December 2011

As of November 2011, there's a known issue with the newest versions of the Android OS from Verizon -- it won't talk properly to an Exchange server. You can get messages but you cannot send nor reply to mail.

Both the on-campus Exchange mail and the mail are hosted on Exchange servers. (Oh, joy!)

Verizon has promised a fix 'soon' -- when there is anything, we'll take this part of the message down.

Exchange Email

Faculty and staff have their email hosted by an internal Microsoft Exchange email server. If you would like to set up external access to your mail, either through a home computer using Outlook or on a mobile device, I can tell you the mail is hosted on (that's a zero-seven, not a letter 'oh'), it is not POP3, it is IMAP and the 'domain' is SUNYGENESEE. With that information, and your email username and password you are now on your own to set up your access.

Outlook.Com Email

Student email is hosted externally at -- hosted by Microsoft.

Microsoft provides the following information regarding mobile phones and accessing mail:

If Microsoft doesn't provide information on using your mobile device and the system, you are again on your own.


Some mobile devices can access Genesis, others cannot. In experimentation, the iPhone and iTouch devices can log into Genesis and the Droid cannot. Devices using the Android Operating System generally cannot log into Genesis. This is an issue with the software itself; the browser inside the Android OS is not supported by the Genesis software and there is nothing that can be done by the staff at Genesee about this.


The version of Blackboard being run by the college (CE 8.4) does not officially support any mobile devices.

This means that if you can get through Genesis and get to Blackboard, your mobile device may or may not work. If it does work, there is no guarantee it will work correctly.

Blackboard App

There is an "App" for Blackboard for the iPhone but it won't work since you need to log into Genesis first and the app doesn't know how to work with Genesis.

WWW Site

The primary college web site, is largely device independent. In our limited experience with personal mobile devices, we have not found a device that supports web browsing that cannot access the web site.

There is a mobile version of the college web site at: -- it's a reduced version of the web site but it's enough to get you started.

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