ID Cards

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Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to obtain a Genesee picture ID card. This card can be used in any campus office as proof of identification when conducting business on a campus and in the library.

Students living in College Village need a ID special card; the special ID cards serve as your key for the building you are living in. There is a separate key for your room.

In Batavia

In Batavia, ID cards are obtained from the Student Activities Office located in the Wolcott J. Humphry III Student Union when the Union is open. To get a student ID card, you will need your GCC ID number, picture ID and you must already be registered for classes. It takes about 1-2 hours for newly registered students to get their data into the ID card system.

At a Campus Center

At a campus center, your picture can be taken at the campus center and the ID card will be returned to the same campus within a week's time.

Anyone who cannot come to Batavia or a Campus Center to have a picture taken is not issued a Genesee ID card.

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