How to Email Your Class

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There are lots of reasons to send an email to an entire class. The truly simplest way to do that is to use Blackboard -- even if you're not using Blackboard for anything else. Your course does not even have to be available to students to do this.

In your course, look for the "+" sign in the upper left corner of the course. That's the circle in the image below.

You have to give it a name, so "Email" is both obvious and works nicely.

Drop down the menu in the second line (red arrow) and look for the word Email. Make sure it appears on the screen.

This next part is up to you. The ticky box next to "Available to Users" does not have to be selected for you to use it to send email to your class. The email tool can remain hidden and be just for you.

Click Submit and there should be an "Email" link at the bottom of your course menu.

Click on the Email link and the simplest option is to select "All Users" -- that automatically selects all the users in your course. It does NOT send the email to students who are listed as "unavailable" -- so only the currently enrolled students get your message.

The message comes from your Genesee email, goes to your students' Genesee email -- how simple is that?

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