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There are two separate accounts employees are issued, the Genesis account and a network/email account. Staff who will be using Banner as part of their work will be given a separate Banner account.

The Network/Email account

The Network/Email account is used to log into a campus computer, access your Genesee email and access Library resources.

Once the hiring process is complete and you've agreed to be an employee of Genesee, someone in your department will request the creation of the network/email account. The request is passed to the Human Resources department which will not approve the creation of the account until they have received the signed FERPA (Family, Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form. If you were not given a form, one is available from Human Resources; sign the last page and send that to the Human Resources department.

Once the signed FERPA paperwork is in the HR office, the approval for the account is forwarded to Computer Services for processing.

Your email username is generally your first initial + middle initial + last name. As an example, if your name is Jennifer M. Sheppard, your username would become jmsheppard and your email address would become jmsheppard@genesee.edu. If you have any special requests for your name, for example if your name is "Jennifer" but you are commonly known as (and respond to) "Buffy" make sure that is clear in the initial request. Your username will still be jmsheppard but we can annotate your directory listings with your nickname [something like: "Sheppard, Jennifer M (Buffy)"].

Your initial network/email password will be provided back to the staff member who requested the account. You can contact that person or the Help Desk (585-343-0055 x6227) for information on your username and password.

The network/email password will allow you to log into campus computers, your email, and to access the Library remotely.

The Genesis account

The Genesis account is used to access the Genesis portal (http://genesis.genesee.edu). What you have access to inside the portal depends on what role you have at the college. For faculty, inside the portal is access to class lists, student information, My Courses, personal information and college information. For non-teaching employees, inside the portal is access to Banner, personal information and college information.

For faculty, the Genesis account is created when you are 'assigned' to a class in the college's information management system, Banner. Once you are assigned a course to teach, the process automatically creates the Genesis account.

For non-teaching employees, the Genesis account is created when the network/email account is requested.

Your Genesis username is independent and different from the network/email account username. Your Genesis username is automatically created by Banner and starts with the initial of your first name and up to the first seven letters of your last name. Therefore, "Jennifer Williamson" may have a Genesis username of "jwilliam". In reality, there are many similar names and Banner then automatically appends a number to the end of the username to make it unique in the system. As a result, Jennifer Williamson may have a Genesis username like "jwilli27".

The initial Genesis password information will be sent to your Genesee email account. Genesis will make you change the password as you log in.

My Courses access

Every credit course has a course 'shell' built for it in My Courses (BlackBoard Campus Edition 8, as of Fall 2010). Access to My Courses is made when your name is entered as an instructor on the course in Banner. There can be more than one instructor listed on a course in Banner and all will have access to the course materials.

If you change course sections or need to take over a course section during a semester, your name still needs to be listed on the course in Banner to have proper access to the course shell.

Access to My Courses is through single sign-on through Genesis (i.e. a separate username or password is not required).

Banner Access

Employees who will use Internet Native Banner (INB) as part of their position will access Banner through the Genesis portal. Log into Genesis and select the Banner tab; once there select either of the INB server links available. Banner has an additional, separate username and password that will be provided to you in your Genesee email.

On the same Banner tab is access to extensive Banner documentation.

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