Computer Logins and Your Mobile Devices

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This article is actually for anyone who accesses GCC resources on a mobile device. It is targeted at Nursing students because there is a higher number of incidents related to students who take courses in the MedTech building.

Because of the nature of the Medical Technology building where Nursing students take classes, there are special setups for accessing wireless computing resources.

The GCC_Secure wireless network is how GCC students and employees access wireless resources; this requires you to log in using your NetID and password. Additionally, Nursing students are required to have iPods or iPhones for course materials. Every student has a mobile device, which is frequently used in the MedTech building during class.

The problem happens when you reset your NetID password. When you log into Genesis and use the password reset button (or you call the help desk and they reset your password for you), it's easy to overlook that your mobile device also has your (old) password stored in it. The password reset process does not reach out and change the password stored in your mobile device.

Your new NetID password works while you are at home or for the first time you log into a campus computer, but your mobile device soon follows along and tries to log in to the wireless, using that old password. It quickly 'locks' your computer login and you are now locked out of both any campus computer and the wireless access.

This PDF file tells you how to tell your mobile device to forget the old password that causing the problem: How to Forget the Wireless Network. Read that first.

How to fix the problem of locked network accounts:

--turn off your mobile device (not just airplane mode; physically power it down)
--if you can log into Genesis on your home computer, do so; on the "My Genesee" page, click the "Reset your password" button and reset your password; this will unlock the computer login account
--come to campus (your mobile device is still turned off)
--log into a campus computer and into Genesis, just to be ready in case there are problems
--making sure you have read the "How to Forget the Wireless Network" article above (or have it in front of you), turn on your mobile device and as soon as it will let you, make sure you tell your device to forget ALL GCC wireless networks
--count to twenty (to let everything settle)
--try logging into the GCC_Secure on your mobile device
--if that works, you're all set
--if that does not work, do the steps to forget the wireless network again; then, in Genesis (you should still be logged into that), reset your password again
--try accessing the wireless again with the new password

If (1) none of that works or (2) it looks too confusing, when you are in Batavia, you can come to T207 during the work day (Mon - Fri, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm) and the staff there will be glad to assist you with doing these steps. Bring your mobile device with you, so we can walk through the Forget the Network steps.

It's not hard, but order is important.

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