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Genesee Community College has a major commitment to making computer labs available to support instruction. Classes in a number of disciplines use the computer labs for instruction and almost all faculty expect that students will use a computer in some way to complete assignments or simply keep in contact.

Every Genesee location has at least two computer labs for these purposes.

For Fall 2014, all college computers will have Windows 7 with Office 2010 as a base installation.

Apple Computers

Genesee uses primarily Windows based computers. There is a lab of Apple Macs on the Batavia campus that supports the Digital Arts and Communication degree programs; students in those programs will be expected to work in the Mac lab on assignments.

You are more than welcome to use a Mac laptop on a campus wireless connection for your own personal use but do be aware that the majority of faculty will be using Windows as their base system.


Laser printers are available in all student labs to allow you to print documents to hand in to instructors and for your own use. There is no separate printing fee, that is included in the Technology Fee paid every semester.

The Computer Learning Lab (T207) on the Batavia campus has 1 color printer to allow students to print a final copy of a project that is to be handed in to an instructor.

While there are no specific limits on printing, we do ask students to be considerate in their printing. For example: print Power Point presentations as handouts and not individual slides; look to see how many printed pages a web page will be before starting the print job; and do not print multiple copies of handouts without talking to a computer lab assistant.

Saving your Work

All campus computers have readily accessible USB ports for you to use a flash drive. We recommend that you purchase multiple, smaller flash drives rather than one large flash drive, in case you are in a class (often a CIS class) where the instructor requires you to turn in your work on a flash drive.

Make sure that you put your name on the flash drive so that when you lose it, you can easily identify it. Additionally, create a file on the drive named "_Owner Information" -- the underscore will sort the file to the top of the list -- with your name and email address so that you can be contacted if your flash drive is found.

Some campus computers have multiple device readers to allow you to use SD cards or other devices. Those devices are not currently universal and being phased in over a four year computer replacement cycle.

Additionally, you can email files to yourself using your Genesee email or any other Cloud based system you may have access to.

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