Clearing your "Nickname Cache" on Outlook

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Student email contacts are reset every August, as a result the 'shortcuts' in your email may no longer work properly. You need to clear out the "Nickname Cache" and there are two options.

This is for 'full' Outlook and not the Outlook Web Access.


Clear out names as you find them (useful if you only have a few bad nicknames in the list)

1. Open a new email message
2. Type the first few characters of the name that you want to remove from your nickname cache.
3. When the name appears in the "suggested entries" list, use your UP and DOWN arrows (you cannot click on these, you need to use the arrow keys) to highlight the incorrect entry.
4. Press Delete on your keyboard.


Clear the entire Nickname Cache (useful when you have a number of bad names)

This works for Windows XP; if you have other operating systems check the link at the bottom of this article.

1. Close Outlook.
2. Click on Start, then on Search.
3. In the Search Companion left-side panel, click on All Files or Folders.
4. In the All or part of the filename: box, type *.nk2
5. In the Look in: box, click to select your local hard drive.
6. Click More advanced options, click to select Search hidden files and folders check box.
7. Click Search
8. Right click the *.NK2 file with the name of the profile that you want to reset (usually outlook.nk2), and then click rename.
8a. If you do not have file extensions turned on, you will not see the "nk2" you will only see "outlook" -- click on that and select rename.
9. Rename the file to outlook.bak and then press ENTER.
10. Close the Search window.
11. Start Outlook.

Outlook will now generate a new nickname cache for you.


For more instructions or for other operating systems, check out the Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

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