Changing Your Username

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This process is similar for students and employees.

Once the college information system, Banner, creates a username for you, that is your unique username that stays with you forever. There are times, however, that we realize that your name does change (as a result of life status changes, like marriage) but even if you have your name changed in Banner your username does not automatically change.

If Jennifer Williamson, a student, gets married and her new name is Jennifer Sheppard, she needs to contact either the Records Office or a staff member at a campus center to get her name updated in Banner. If Jennifer is an employee, she must notify the Human Resources department to update her name in Banner. Once that is done, her name is changed on class lists and any documents that may be created but her username will still be "jwilliam" and not be automatically updated.

If you would like your username updated to reflect a name change, you need to get your name updated in Banner first then contact the Help Desk to initiate the username update process. Either call the Help Desk (585-343-0055) or send an email to with your current name, your previous name, the username you wish to have updated and some identification in the form of a GCC ID number or your birthdate. Computer Services staff will then contact you when the process is complete.

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