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The browser check will take a look at your browser configurations and tell you what setting you have. It's useful to try this with both Internet Explorer and Fire Fox. There's no guarantee that the browser check will pick up every problem but it can help; this is especially useful if you do not know how your browsers are configured or you are using a computer that you do not own (i.e. work, a library).

First, check to see what browsers Blackboard supports. You can do that on the Blackboard Support Page. (As of June 2016, Genesee is on "2016 Q2")

Now, let's see what browser you actually have.

One possible browser check:

Now. Just because your browser may be "out of date" doesn't mean it won't work.

You need to put the Blackboard list and the results of the test together to see if your browser will actually work.

Still confused? Send an email to and tell us what browser you're using and we'll help figure out if you need to do anything about that!

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