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If you’ve done this before, you do not have to do it again… this is mostly for new students and for anyone who has not done it yet.

If you wish to use your excess financial assistance to purchase your books and related supplies at the Bookstore and/or a meal plan with the cafeteria, you must first authorize the use of your financial aid for this purpose. To do so, you must get into the Financial Aid Information menu that’s located under the Student Services menu of Banner Self Service. Click on Award, select a Term (e.g., Fall 2015) and you will see a button for Authorize Funds for Bookstore use. Read the disclosure, click the appropriate buttons and select submit.

If you do not do this, you will not be able to access a bookstore and/or meal 'voucher'.

That's in quotes because there's no paper forms to handle. You can use the online bookstore ordering or get books in person in the bookstore with proper identification. The food service will set up meal plans for you, also with proper identification.


Here’s the graphical form of those instructions….

After you've logged into Genesis, look for the yellow Banner Self Service button and click on that.

Once in Banner Self Service, look for the Financial Aid tab at the top.

Then look for the word "Award"

Then for "Authorize Funds for Bookstore Use"

Select the Term -- which is Fall 2015 at this point -- from the drop down list (the image looks slightly different!)

And on the next page, do both ticky boxes.

And you're all set.

Direct any questions to the Financial Aid office; they can help you best!

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