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The Batavia campus has several conference rooms that can be setup with a conference speaker phone.

Conference Room that can be setup with a conference speaker phone:   T102, T104, T119A, T119B, T122 and D252  


T123 and T124 have a permanent conference speaker phone setup in the room – you need to dial 0 and contact the switchboard to make your outside call.

To request a conference phone setup for one of these rooms just send an email to with the following information:

Date and time (start and end) of conference call

What room to setup the conference phone - from the rooms listed above

Outside calling needed? Not all rooms are setup to call outside of the campus - we need to configure the phone switch!

You will be contact by a Telecom team member to confirm your request or notify you of any equipment availability conflicts.

Typically a conference phone will be setup for you at least 30 minutes prior to your requested time.

Please give us at least 24 to 48 hour notice for your request!

Please leave the conference phone as is - do not move or dismantle, we will return to remove this equipment!

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