Apple IOS Wireless - How to Forget the network

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If you are having wireless connection problems have your Apple mobile device “FORGET” this network 

-Please do this for ALL GCC connections including GCC_Portal and/or GCC_SECURE – to clear up the problem!

 On your Apple Mobile Device:

Go to Settings 

TAP Wi-Fi and locate the Wi-Fi network to which you're connected

Tap the "i" and Forget this Network – you may have to do for both GCC_Portal and GCC_Secure!! 

From the Choose a Network list TAP 

- GCC_Secure (Batavia and MedTech campus only) otherwise GCC_xxxxx

Enter your GCC NETID and Password in the Username/Password boxes when you use GCC_Secure or GCC_Portal and TAP - Join 

You may be prompted to Accept a Certificate – TAP Accept 

When connected, a "check mark" will appear by the network name and the "wireless connection bars" will appear at the top of your screen


You should be prompted to log in. BEFORE YOU LOG IN on your wireless device, make sure you can log into a campus computer. Log into the campus computer first, make sure your password lets you access the campus computer before you put the password into the mobile device.

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